About Tofino Coffee Roasting Company

We are a locally-owned and operated Café and Roastery in the heart of Tofino, British Columbia. Our small team is passionate about making coffee the best it can be. Our approach in coffee is working with importers and farms that align with the ethics of our values. Bringing in high quality coffees and roasting them to highlight the varietal and terroir of that origin. Tofino Coffee Roasting Company is currently roasting on a S15 Loring. We are passionate about continuing to learn and evolve with the fluidity and expansion of the industry. 

Our Café

Our cafe is a welcoming space where coffee lovers come together to connect and savor the moment. Whether you're here to enjoy a carefully brewed cup of our latest single origin offering or a freshly baked pastry, our cozy cafe invites you to enjoy the artistry in every sip.